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At Project Mosaic, our focus is grass roots and global. We use education to help change people’s thinking.
About Project Mosaic
About Project Mosaic

Project Mosaic is a pro-tolerance nonprofit organization. It runs initiatives that promote interfaith and intercultural tolerance, multiethnic good citizenship and integration of immigrant communities, and that counter combat prejudice, group hatred and extremism.

Project Mosaic was created in memory of New York Firefighter Lieutenant David J Fontana, who gave his life on September 11, 2001 while helping to rescue people from the World Trade Center in New York. Dave was one of 343 firefighters to die that day while saving others.

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Project Mosaic is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales (Charity Number 1127954). Click here to see a list of trustees or advisers.

At Project Mosaic we believe in multiethnic good citizenship, in which people work together to celebrate the values of their country, regardless of race, religion or cultural background. Ours is a melting pot vision that encourages every person to embrace his or her country while also cherishing ancestral homelands. We believe that diversity and pluralism bring richness to every society and that every individual has an equal responsibility to civil society.

The goal of integrating immigrant communities means ensuring that every person, regardless of race, mother language or country of birth, is encouraged to feel a responsibility to take an active part in civil society in his or her country of residence, including through education, work, family-rearing and community activities, and to contribute to making that society a better place for all.